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Sweet Dreams Air Pad - Sleigh Cot - White

Barcode 9313686017721

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The AIR PAD Sleigh offers 100% coverage of the lower section of the cot.

The AIR PAD is the first and only mesh "bumper" style product that will protect your baby's head from knocks to not only all 4 sides, but the 4 corners of the cot as well. AIR PAD Sleigh is made of a fine, open fabric that allows air to flow freely through it, to your baby. It will not restrict air flow. The AIR PAD Sleigh features 4 padded corner flaps which cover the 4 corners of the cot and protect your baby from a hard knock. Every rung or slat of the cot is padded. The AIR PAD Sleigh is one piece only, which means that it is easier to fit on the cot and easier to wash.

Designed to fit Sleigh cot as well as "non conventional " cots, those being that convert to beds or have unusually large corner posts dimensions.

Not suitable for closed or solid end cots.
Not suitable for Boori Cots.

Product Features --
Sweet Dream's AIR PAD Sleigh
Easy to fit one piece construction
Padded protection from cot corners
Totally protect the full lower section of the cot interior
Will not interfere with the dropside of the cot
Made of open mesh for maximum air circulation
Overall size - 390(L) x 22(W) cm

Fabric Construction --
Mesh - Polyester
Corner Pads - Polyester
Trim - Cotton