4 Activities All Mums Can Enjoy This Mothers' Day

4 Activities All Mums Can Enjoy This Mothers' Day

This Mother’s Day, show your appreciation to the special lady in your life with a thoughtful present and some quality time together. While you might not be able to spend the day with your mum in person, there are plenty of activities you can do together virtually. From cooking classes to online wine tastings, we’ve put together a list of 4 activities all mums can enjoy this Mothers' Day.

1. A day at the spa


A day at the spa is an indulgent treat the whole family can enjoy, and the best part is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Mums everywhere can enjoy a soothing spa experience right at home with a variety of treatments. Some ideas include mother and daughter mani/pedis, facials, bubble baths, steam treatments, and more.

For an even more luxurious spa experience, you can order special spa packages online that feature all-natural ingredients. From soothing foot creams to organic body wraps and masks, you can have an at-home spa day without shelling out a lot of money.

You can even make it a virtual spa day with your mum. Set up a Zoom call with her and have each of you order the same package, then spend the day doing treatments together. You can also take turns reading aloud calming affirmations to one another, having a gentle yoga session or guided meditation, or chatting about your favourite books and movies.

2. A day out with kids

If you’re looking for something a little more exciting to do with your mum on Mothers’ Day, why not plan a day out with the kids?

You can head to the local children’s museum to explore the interactive exhibits and educational activities. Or visit the aquarium and check out the colourful fish and jellyfish.

Take a trip to the zoo and head to the animal residents’ favourite spots. Then, go to the cafe to tuck into a creamy ice cream, a decadent milkshake or a yummy picnic basket, depending on the weather.

Finally, make sure you visit the gift shop so everyone can pick out something special for mum. You’ll also get to spend time as a family, which is the best present for mum.

Not only is a day out with the kids an exciting way to spend time with your mum, but it’s also a great way for kids to learn about the importance of family and realise all the things mums do for us, from attending their sporting events to packing lunch boxes.

3. A day of relaxation

A day of relaxation is a great way to spend your Mothers’ Day. It gives mum time to rest and rejuvenate, as well as time to spend with her family.

Start your day off with a massage or a session at the spa. Or curl up on the sofa with a good book and a cup of tea. Spend the day indulging in a yoga class or perusing the local arts and crafts market.

For the active mums, go for a morning jog or a day of hiking. This is a great way to explore nature with your mum, burn some calories, and get some fresh air. For the adventurous mums, try a trekking tour and explore mountains, valleys, and forests.

No matter how you decide to spend Mothers’ Day, it's important to take the time to relax and spend quality time with each other. Make it special, celebrate your mum, and appreciate all she has done for you.

4. A day on the beach

For those mums who love the beach, there are plenty of activities to enjoy this Mothers’ Day. Head to the beach for a day of fun in the sun.

Enjoy a spot of beach volleyball or a round of beach mini golf with your family. You could even go for a sea kayaking tour and explore the local coasts together. Finish of the day with a beach barbecue or picnic lunch.

Take some time to build sandcastles together and explore the local marine life. Take some time to relax and get some sun or go for a dip in the ocean. For the more adventurous mums, try your hand at windsurfing or snorkeling.

This Mothers’ Day, enjoy some quality time with your mum at the beach. Make sure to take plenty of photos and capture all the special moments with your mum.

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