Non-Harnessed Booster Seat: A Safer Option?

Non-Harnessed Booster Seat: A Safer Option? - Aussie Baby
There has been a lot of controversy over booster seats lately, as many people are arguing that they are not necessary and are actually putting children in danger. However, a recent study has shown that using a non-harnessed booster seat is actually a safer option than not using a booster seat at all.

What is a non-harnessed booster seat?

A non-harnessed booster seat is a type of booster seat that is not attached to a vehicle's seat belt. Instead, it relies on the vehicle's seat belt to restrain the child. Non-harnessed booster seats are not as safe as harnessed booster seats, so they should only be used if a harnessed booster seat is not available.

There are a few benefits to using a non-harnessed booster seat. One is that it is easier to get children in and out of the seat. Additionally, it is often more comfortable for children than a harnessed seat. Finally, it can be easier to move a child from one car to another using a non-harnessed booster seat.

How can you choose the right booster seat for your child?

There are many different booster seats on the market, so how do you choose the right one for your child? The first step is to figure out what type of booster seat your child needs. There are three types of booster seats: high-back, backless, and combination.

High-back booster seats provide more support than backless booster seats. They are good for children who are not tall enough to be seated in a regular car seat without a booster seat. 

Backless booster seats are good for children who are already tall enough to fit in a regular car seat without a booster seat. Backless booster seats should only be used for children who are able to sit up straight and keep their head and shoulders against the car seat back.

Combination booster seats can be used as either a high-back or a backless booster seat. They are good for children who are not quite tall enough to use a high-back booster seat or a backless booster seat.

Make sure your child is using their booster seat safely by following these tips:

1. Always use the seat belt or harness that came with the booster seat.
2. Make sure the shoulder straps are positioned correctly. The straps should lie flat against your child's chest and be snug against their body.
3. The lap belt should lie low and snug across your child's hips.
4. The booster seat should be placed in the backseat of the car.
5. Check the booster seat regularly for any damage.

Safety should always be a priority. Choose a non-harnessed booster seat that provides comfort and keeps your child safe and secure during your trip. Aussie Baby offers the best selection of non-harnessed booster seat. Grab your non-harnessed booster seat today. 

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