Pram and Stroller Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

Pram and Stroller Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

Navigating the world with a baby requires careful planning, and ensuring their safety while using prams and strollers is paramount. From selecting the right model to practising best safety habits, parents need to be aware of numerous factors to ensure their child's well-being. Here, we explore the crucial safety considerations and best practices for using prams and strollers.

1. Choosing the Right Pram or Stroller

The journey to ensuring your baby’s safety starts with selecting the right pram or stroller. This choice is crucial as it lays the foundation for your child's comfort and safety during use. Here are some key considerations:

Check for Safety Standards: Ensure that the pram or stroller meets the Australian safety standards. Look for certification marks that indicate the product has passed rigorous safety tests. This guarantees that the pram has features like a five-point harness, reliable brakes, and a sturdy frame.

Consider Your Lifestyle: Your choice should reflect your lifestyle needs. For instance, if you live in a city, a lightweight, compact stroller might be ideal. Conversely, for those in suburban or rural areas, an all-terrain pram with robust suspension might be more suitable. Features like adjustable handles and ample storage also enhance convenience and usability.

Weight and Stability: The pram or stroller should be stable and not easily tip over. Ensure it is not too lightweight, which might compromise stability, especially when navigating curbs or uneven surfaces. 

2. Regular Maintenance and Inspections

Once you have the right pram or stroller, maintaining it properly is essential for continued safety. Regular maintenance and inspections can prevent accidents and ensure longevity.

Check the Brakes: Regularly test the brakes to ensure they are functioning correctly. They should lock both rear wheels securely and be easy to engage and release.

Inspect Wheels and Tyres: Make sure the wheels are not worn out and that they rotate smoothly. Check for any damage or debris that could affect performance. Air-filled tyres should be properly inflated, while solid wheels should be free of cracks.

Secure Harness and Straps: The harness should be strong and intact. Look for signs of wear and tear, and ensure that the buckles and adjustment mechanisms work smoothly. A five-point harness system is ideal for maximum safety.

Clean and Lubricate Moving Parts: Keep the moving parts of the pram clean and well-lubricated. Dirt and debris can affect the folding mechanism, wheels, and brakes, so regular cleaning and lubrication are vital.

3. Safe Usage Practices

Using a pram or stroller safely involves more than just proper maintenance. How you use it daily can significantly impact your child's safety. Here are some essential practices:

Always Use the Harness: No matter how short the trip, always secure your baby with the harness. This prevents them from climbing out or falling if the pram tips over.

Don’t Overload the Pram: Avoid hanging heavy bags on the handles, as this can cause the pram to tip over. Use the storage basket under the seat for carrying items, and distribute weight evenly.

Be Cautious with Reclining Seats: Ensure the seat is properly locked in position before placing your child in the pram. Sudden movements or adjustments while your child is in the pram can be dangerous.

Lock the Wheels: Whenever you stop, especially on an incline, lock the wheels to prevent the pram from rolling away. This is particularly important when you are at a bus stop, on public transport, or in a busy area.

4. Awareness of Surroundings

Being aware of your surroundings is another critical aspect of pram and stroller safety. This helps prevent accidents and ensures a smooth ride for your baby.

Avoid Rough Terrain: Stick to smooth, even surfaces as much as possible. Rough terrain can cause the pram to tip over or jolt your baby. If you must navigate such areas, proceed slowly and with caution.

Use Pram-Friendly Paths: Many parks and public areas have designated pram-friendly paths. Use these whenever available to ensure a safer journey.

Stay Visible: When walking near roads, ensure you and your pram are visible to drivers. Use prams with reflective strips or attach lights if walking at dusk or dawn. Wearing bright clothing can also increase visibility.

Mind the Weather: Protect your baby from extreme weather conditions. Use sunshades, rain covers, and appropriate clothing. On hot days, ensure adequate ventilation to prevent overheating.

5. Educate and Stay Informed

As with any aspect of parenting, staying informed and educated about the latest safety tips and guidelines is essential. Here are some ways to keep updated:

Read the Manual: Thoroughly read the pram or stroller manual. It contains specific safety instructions and maintenance guidelines that are crucial for safe use.

Join Parenting Groups: Online parenting groups and forums can be valuable resources. Parents often share their experiences and safety tips, which can be beneficial.

Stay Updated on Recalls: Occasionally, manufacturers issue recalls for prams or strollers due to safety concerns. Stay updated on any recalls and take action if your pram or stroller is affected.

Attend Workshops: Some communities offer workshops on child safety, including pram and stroller safety. Attending these can provide hands-on learning and the latest safety information.

Ensuring your baby’s safety while using prams and strollers involves careful selection, regular maintenance, safe usage practices, awareness of surroundings, and ongoing education. By adhering to these guidelines, parents can confidently provide a safe and comfortable experience for their little ones, whether strolling through the park or navigating busy city streets. Remember, a little extra caution and care go a long way in safeguarding your precious cargo.


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