9 Tips for Pram Hunting!

9 Tips for Pram Hunting! - Aussie Baby

Choosing the best pram or stroller for you and little ones, can be a BIG CHOICE to make! 

Stepping into a stroller store is a bit like visiting a car yard, but don't worry about it, Aussie Baby has got your back!

Here are 9 tips that may help you to narrow down your choice. 

1. Can you lift it?

The perfect pram should be the right height and weight for you.

This is an important factor to consider as you won't want the pram to be too low and too heavy to push and lift, especially off and on the car booth and stairs.

2. Can you fold it easily ?

Some prams design are so complex it takes more than two pairs hands to setup and kept away.

On a scenario where you are out and about by yourself and little one. You will have to be able to unfold and fold the pram without extra help.

3. Do you want your baby facing you?

If yes, a pram with a reversible handle or other reverse function will give you flexibility to switch the baby's view to yourself or to the world ahead.

4. How many passengers?

Having Twins or kiddos close in age want in on the ride?

A double and ‘plus one’ prams which can accommodate an extra seat or a bassinet might be suitable

Some pram come with extra seating options or a ride-on skateboard-style foot stand for your active child.

5. Where will you use it most?

Think about where you live and where you would normally go.

Easy turning in tight spaces, or an easy-fold stroller that is lightweight and doesn't take up much storage room.

6. Three or four wheels?

Consider the one matched with your lifestyle.

Three-wheelers are generally more manoeuvrable and easier to fit into tight spaces.

Four-wheelers are a more stable ride with dual suspension.

7. Do the handles adjust for different heights?

For the parents who are at different heights, you will need a handle that is adjustable. 

8. Will it fit in your car with shopping and other items?

Check the buggy whether it fits comfortably into your car boot.

9. What’s your budget?

Finally, Pram prices range is wide, think about other baby's accessories you might want to buy and factor these into your total budget. 

If your budget is tight, Aussie Baby can be your best option, we aim to provide affordable and quality prams and strollers to parents.

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