Why are educational toys important to a child's development?

Why are educational toys important to a child's development? - Aussie Baby

Learning toys for infants and toddlers have so many benefits. Building quality time with your children is one thing, and watching them discover themselves and the world around them through playing is another. 

As babies grow, their mind also expands just by observing their surroundings.

And giving your child the proper developmental toys at every age will help them learn easier. 

Benefits of toys to children’s development

Toys are more than just fun and games. Most of them contribute to brain development and engage a child’s senses. The variety of toys boosts creativity for children and encourages them to have fun and play with others. 


Below are some of the benefits developmental toys can give your child.

Boosts their IQ

Educational toys are meant to help your child enhance his or her literacy, memorization and motor skills. Your child can get a higher IQ level once he or she develops these skills. And since toys are fun to play with, they can have enough time to learn and retain these.

Develops problem solving skills

Have you ever noticed your child focusing on a puzzle and figuring out how to complete it? This is another important benefit of developmental toys--its capability to challenge a child’s mind. Toys like wooden puzzles encourage children to think as they follow a step by step process.

There are so many types of puzzles with different difficulty levels. The more difficult it is, the more attention, energy and thinking it requires.

Enhances their senses

Giving your child toys with different colours and sounds can help him or her enhance his or her senses. At their early age, you can notice how they enjoy those vibrant, colourful toys and the different sounds they make.

From there, they will start recognizing things. As they grow, these sounds, materials and colours are the ones they will love. Through these toys, they can learn to express themselves and develop their personality.

Enhances their emotional and social development

Play isn’t always fun without playmates. And as your child grows, he or she will seek attention from other kids of the same age, his or her peers. Through these educational toys, your child can develop his or her emotional and social skills.

Also, when playing with other children, kids will encounter situations which will trigger anger, laughter and crying. From there, they will learn to adapt to varying emotional situations.

What toys should you give to your child depending on their age?

Children can start getting the benefits of educational toys as early as one month old. These educational toys will eventually teach your child about sharing, develop their fine and gross motor skills and enhance their imagination and creativity.

However, toys vary depending on a child’s age. To know what toys you should give your child, here’s a guideline of the best baby developmental toys you can give depending on your child’s age group.

Babies (1-12 months old)

Do you know why your baby gets attracted to a colourful rattle? Because at this age, sensory play is important. Its vibrant colours and the sound it produces develop and enhance his or her senses.

Every shape, colour, texture and sound is a new learning experience for your baby. You can give him or her toys that can help stimulate his or her senses.

Toys that make a sound like rattles are infants’ favourite. And toys with contrasting colours help enhance a baby’s vision. Some toys that are suitable for your baby’s first year are:

  • Soothers
  • Infant play
  • Small toys with lights and sounds
  • Baby toy boxes
  • Playmats for babies

Toddlers (12-36 months old)

As your child moves towards his or her first year, he or she will become more active. This is also the time when you’ll find your child more curious about everything around him or her. Don’t worry, trips and falls are normal at this age. You can introduce toys that will help them develop and enhance their balance and coordination.

Some learning toys you can give your child once he or she reaches 1-3 years old are:

  • Push cars
  • Walkers
  • Shape sorters
  • Lego blocks
  • Themed books
  • Themed toys

Pre-schoolers (3 years +)

This is the time when your child starts to learn more about numbers, letters and language. At this point, you might be preparing him or her for school. And there are so many learning toys available that can help you introduce schooling.

You can give your child some pre-schooler toys like:

  • Drawing easel
  • Alphabet puzzles
  • Electronic learning gadgets

Children play a lot, and they can learn so many things from it. But you can always make learning enjoyable so they can develop themselves while having fun. Incorporate educational toys in your child’s playtime so they can enjoy and learn at the same time.

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