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Child Restraint Installation

Car seat installation can be quite a hassle for parents, if done incorrectly it can put your child at risk of severe danger as well as risking a hefty fine with the loss of demerit points.

At Aussie Baby we have a team of licensed technicians that understands complexities of the installation process and can be of assistance. We have over 10 years’ experience in car seat installations; ranging from baby capsules, convertible car seats, convertible booster seats and booster seats.

We only charge $30.00 per car seat and a certificate of installation can be provided upon request. Locks, clips, seat protectors and tether strap extensions can also be purchased and maybe necessary for the installation process.

Whether its installation through the conventional method of using the ISOfix system, Aussie Baby is ready to be of assistance. Contact us to make a booking today!