5 Ways Building Blocks Stimulate Intelligence

5 Ways Building Blocks Stimulate Intelligence
Building blocks stimulate intelligence because they allow kids to construct something new and adding them to our lives stimulates a mind that grows in breadth and depth.

1. Problem-solving

To learn how building blocks can stimulate intelligence, think about how you'd go about solving a problem if you were given only 5 minutes to do so. What would be your first step? Chances are that you'd start by breaking down what needed to be done into smaller chunks so that each piece could be tackled individually.

You might even try doing some research online or talking with friends who've had similar experiences before making a decision about which product or service is best for you.

2. Improves fine motor skills

Building blocks stimulate intelligence by improving fine motor skills. Children who have a hard time with fine motor skills can benefit from building blocks because they require children to use their hands and fingers.

Children who struggle with throwing and catching will benefit the most from building blocks, as they train the body how to accomplish the task.

Building blocks are also great for helping children learn how to count. Counting has been proven to improve cognitive functions and intelligence, so playing with building blocks can help children improve their math skills.

3. It makes you a better reader

A building block is a thing or concept that can be used to make another thing or concept. For example, when we learn how to build a house, we are learning new building blocks such as bricks, mortar, and metal. These things can be used to create many different structures and buildings.

The same is true when we learn how to read and write. We use the same building blocks as we did when learning how to build a house – words (letters) and sounds (phonemes). When we learn how to read and write, our brain is being stimulated by using these basic building blocks that it has been exposed to since birth or early childhood.

4. It increases creativity and imagination

Each child gets to explore how different materials work together to create new things that were never before possible without using their imagination or drawing skills. This allows them to build upon what they already know while also expanding their understanding of scientific principles.

5. Better spatial reasoning

Children who play with building blocks can learn how to arrange them in different configurations. This helps them develop their spatial reasoning skills as well as problem solving skills.

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