How To Teach Your Baby To Stack And Count

How To Teach Your Baby To Stack And Count - Aussie Baby

How To Teach Your Baby To Stack And Count

You can start teaching your child the concept of counting and stacking at an early age. You can integrate these concepts into your baby’s daily activities and during playtime  and snack or meal times.

Counting: While your kids eat, count the number of apple slices or oranges on their plate. Count aloud. Do this all the time. This routine will help your child understand what you’re doing. They will imitate you and try to say what they hear from you! After all, you are your child’s very first role model. 

Stacking: Observe how your developing baby tries to reach for and touch things. When they see new objects or toys, they try to reach for it and hold it. They get curious about it so they try to feel it. Learning how to hold things is a great simulation for stacking.

Teaching your baby how to stack using Rainbow Discs on 4 Vertical Dowels 

Stacking shows off many of your baby’s skills. It may look like a simple activity yet it gives you the idea of what your child can do at an early age.

Your child explores their creative side once they feel the discs or the blocks and start to stack them together. When stacking, your child is developing valuable developmental skills which they need in the future like problem-solving skills. 

Aside from that, it stimulates spatial skills, motor skills and language skills of your baby. 

Motor skills are developed when they begin to hold the discs. Your baby uses their entire hands to hold, release and place the objects. They will also learn to adjust their grasp based on the shapes and size of the disc.  

Stacking helps your baby understand spatial relations among the discs. They learn to visualise the shape in their minds. As they put the disc in the dowel, they will learn balance. 

Stacking toys are no exception when it comes to learning new language concepts. You can help them develop the understanding of “size” words. You can also use the discs for sound sorting! When they stack, they’ll hear sounds, the next thing they most probably do is try to copy the sounds! They’ll even start cooing or grunting. 

This is a wonderful tool that can help you teach your baby colours and shapes as well. Practice with your child by saying the right colour, then observe if he or she can get the right disc. Rainbow Disc on 4 vertical dowers has different-colored discs so it’s a better toy for colour sorting.  

There are plenty of stacking toys that can make stacking activities interesting and fun for your kids. Rainbow Disc on 4 vertical dowers is a type of developmental stacking toy your baby should have and will surely enjoy. 

How do babies learn to count?

Physically counting objects is important in counting numbers. Your little ones will better understand the concept of counting and the quantity of objects when they see and touch it. 

Babies learn through experience. Show them by modelling and counting with them. Do not focus on accuracy. When they eat, give them fruits or veggies to count. You can also try cereal, fruit loops and raisins so they will be enticed because of the colour. 

Build or integrate counting experiences in your baby’s activities. Like when you two are walking down the stairs. You can count the number of steps going to the first floor from the second floor. Or you count how many steps to and from the kitchen or furniture in the living room. 

You can also sing or play nursery rhymes like ‘One, Two, Buckle My Shoe’,  or anything that has relevant counting concepts in them. 

Songs can brighten your baby’s mood and they often react to songs with enthusiasm, so there are more chances that they will grasp the idea of counting much more easily. 

You can also point out things you encounter like two cats playing, three bananas on the table, four chocolates and so on. 

Introducing numbers to babies in a fun way will help them understand the concept. 

Counting skills will eventually come, don’t force it. Each child learns at their own pace and they learn best when they enjoy it. You may use that chance to teach counting or maths concepts while they play. 

Teaching your baby to stack and count gives them foundational skills they'll use from preschool and onward, the start of basic concepts in geometry and even spatial and logical reasoning. And many developmental toys help you see your tot achieve new milestones.

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