Separation Anxiety: How Parents Should Deal With It?

Separation Anxiety: How Parents Should Deal With It? - Aussie Baby

We all love to cuddle with our newborn. They're our bundle of joy and one smile from them and our hearts will instantly melt. While they can be a handful sometimes because of their growing demands as they reach their milestones, they can relieve our stress, especially when they utter our favourite term of endearment "mummy" or "daddy."

But of course, there will come a time when they need to be independent. One of the things that can be torturous for us parents is when we decide to move them into a separate room. Yikes! As much as we want to hug them forever, part of celebrating their developmental milestones is to teach them to be independent. Well, things are easier said than done. We may feel that it's time to let them fly, but at the back of our mind, they're still too young to spread their wings.

Allowing our kids to sleep on their own doesn't have to bring us separation anxiety. It's in fact, a sign that our kids are not lagging behind their development because they're learning to be independent. It's normal if we feel anxious when they're separated from us at nighttime. We have a lot of things to worry about: their comfort, their independence, the list goes on. So before we discuss how we should deal with separation anxiety, let's first have a quick glimpse of what it is.

Separation Anxiety In A Nutshell

Whether it's dropping our toddler off in school or leaving them in a bedroom, their newfound independence can be scary for them. Our kids believe that being dependent is their way of survival. That's why when dependence is taken away from them, they become anxious. It's because of object permanence or the idealisation that someone or something exists even when they can't see or hear it.

So What Causes Separation Anxiety?

It isn't just going to sleep that will trigger separation anxiety in your little munchkins. There are other scenarios that can make them feel anxious too.

Going to work for instance can cause stress in our toddler. They will feel that their sense of security is being taken away from them. Whenever we're leaving, it's good to reassure our toddlers that we're coming back.

Another scenario is when we go to large gatherings and it's inevitable. Our kids may feel like they're losing us in a crowd. They need to feel we're not going anywhere. Holding their hands make them feel secure and relieved.

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety

  • Worrying about being separated from family for too long
  • Throwing tantrums
  • Worrying about safety
  • Muscle tension or aches
  • Repeated nightmares on separation
  • Becoming needy or clingy
  • Not wanting to be alone

Coping With Separation Anxiety

We can't bear to see our kiddos feel bad about us leaving their side. Early childhood years are the most crucial developmental stage that can make or break their formation years. It's important to establish trust. Separation anxiety doesn't last forever. It's in fact, part of a developmental milestone. Since it's a stage, it'll soon pass. We play an active role in helping our kids overcome their fears. Teaching them ways to cope is essential.

Our kids can deal with separation anxiety by practicing being separated from them during the day. If going to bed alone gives them anxiety, creating a positive sleep environment makes them feel better. Keeping them comfortable at night is also necessary so they'll have a good night's sleep. Aussie Baby has Teco DC Motor Eco 25cm Desk Fan TF25DCERAT provides quiet operation so we can have an exceptional value for money and save on our electricity usage.

Comfort should be a priority. Aussie Baby Cot 3-Piece Bedding Set will tuck our little ones in at night.  

We'll also have greater peace of mind if we know our baby is safe even when he or she is in different room. Aussie Baby Oricom SC860SV Secure860SV 3.5 Inch Touchscreen Digital Zoom Baby Monitor comes with 19 lullabies and imitates the sound of the womb. They can feel our presence even when we're not physically there.

Aussie baby No 1 Authentic Baby & Mummy's gifts shop. We have everything you need to keep your babies and toddlers comfortable and safe. Being separated from their family might be a difficult time for our babies but boosting their independence and confidence by making sure they're comfortable can go a long way. Visit Aussie Baby and explore our products for your little ones.

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