Top 4 Ways To Enrich Your Baby's Brain Development

Top 4 Ways To Enrich Your Baby's Brain Development - Aussie Baby

As parents, we all want to raise a smart kid. But for our babies to achieve their full potential, we also play an important role in stimulating their brain. Taking care of our babies might be a daunting task let alone boosting their brain but doing so isn't rocket science.

The Crucial Stage Of Brain Development

We always wonder during pregnancy how our baby's brain is wired. One thing is for sure: our little ones' brain is changing, active and developing and it can respond to all kinds of stimuli that our babies encounter everyday. So whether it's learning, interacting or playing, these activities can help our baby's brain development. Their language proficiency and problem-solving skills will depend on how the wiring is set up.

Nurturing our kids starts from womb to tomb. That's why relationships are vital in their development. Positive relationships make our baby's brain healthy. They're also protected from the deleterious effects of stress. We might wonder, can babies experience stress? Well, the answer is yes! This happens when they feel unsafe around other people.

Without positive relationships, stress can take a toll on our child's overall mental health. If you notice alarming signs of toxic stress, it's best to talk to your doctor so your baby can undergo proper assessment and diagnosis.

Everyday Activities To Boost Your Baby's Brain

1. Make Bath Time Fun

Bath time might be a mundane and mandatory activity for us mums, but bath time can also be a perfect opportunity for us to develop our baby's language skills. It's also an activity that will stimulate their imagination. Seeing them play in the tub might be an ordinary scenario, but it's an activity that lets them learn about cause and effect, the law of gravity and even interesting facts about math and science.

Make bath time fun with Aussie Baby GAIA Natural Baby Bath & Body Wash. It's a gentle wash that's suitable for newborn, infant or child's skin. It's mild scent keeps your little ones' skin fresh and clean. It also contains organic oils to lock in moisture and protect babies' skin against dryness. It has calming effect without harming your child's skin because it's soap and sulphate free.  

2. Bonding Through Diaper Changing

Changing diapers may be less glamorous and appealing. We want to avoid it as much as possible, but this everyday task can also give us a chance to talk to our baby as part of their language development. Make this moment count. Be sure to keep an Aussie Baby Big Softies Nappy Training Pant handy.It's easy to use and wash and made of high-quality polyester.

3. Establishing Trust With Breastfeeding

While we all know that breastfeeding is a great bonding time with our baby, there's an additional benefit to this exciting activity. Breastfeeding or bottlefeeding is an awesome opportunity to enhance our baby's brain. During feeding time, look at your baby and help them form words by imitating their facial expressions or responding when they coo. Feeding time should be an enjoyable experience so be sure to use Philips Avent Natural Feeding Bottle at Aussie Baby. It is designed for our little ones to grip the bottle in any direction. It also provides maximum comfort despite our baby's tiny hands. 

4. Squeeze Brain Development Into Your Baby's Bedtime Routine

Bedtime might be the time when our babies are going to rest after a tiring day of playing. But bedtime can also be a perfect moment for us to boost our baby's brain development. Before bedtime, storytelling can be a great bonding activity. Once they fall asleep, their brain is also prepared for a new day filled with development and discovery.

Our baby's brain development greatly depends on how we nurture them. Make every second count. Enjoy the bonding moment and let's go the extra mile in helping our babies become the best that they can be.

Ensuring comfort and safety should go hand in hand with our goal to make our babies the best and the brightest. Aussie Baby No 1 Authentic Baby & Mummy's gifts fast delivery, will join hands in raising a champion. Get in touch with us and explore our products.

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