A Beginner's Guide To Potty Training Your Baby

A Beginner's Guide To Potty Training Your Baby - Aussie Baby

Seeing our child reach each and every developmental milestone is a huge achievement for us parents. From the time of conception until they're brought  into this world, we're their number one cheerleader and greatest fan.

While we're excited to hear their first word, there's one milestone that we should all be excited about-discovering our child's ability to get through potty training.

Aussie Baby will provide you with a guide on how to effectively deal with potty training. In this article, we're covering everything you need to know about potty training your child so you can navigate easily through the entire process.

Why is potty training your baby important?

Sense of Independence

Toilet training may be a challenge at first, but once toddlers succeed in using the potty on their own, they will feel confident and have a sense of independence. Having the ability to use the toilet without needing any help from you is already an achievement for our kids.

Discover New Things

Children are a curious being. They love to explore and to try new things. Potty training is a learning opportunity for them as they're introduced to a new world. As soon as they're fully toilet trained, they will learn to find out what else they can do.

Develop Good Personal Hygiene

Children who use the toilet without needing any help from parents or any adult is a sign that they're learning basic personal hygiene. Being potty trained is equivalent to learning to brush your teeth or to take a bath. One developmental milestone is a ticket to unlocking more milestones, especially those that involve self-care.

Finding your potty training method!

Children cope differently. When potty training your child, consider the method that suits your family. It's also best to keep in mind that each training method comes with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Infant Potty Training

Infant potty training or elimination communication is a common potty training method among Asian and African families. It's also known as an extension of attachment parenting. This method can be used to potty train children around 1 to 4 months and completed by the time children learn how to walk.

With this method, you can save money on diapers because toilet training starts early. However, this approach can also be messy because it focuses on your child's cues. It will take a lot of time and dedication for this method to work and parent involvement is required.

The process begins by avoiding diapers all together. If you want to use a diaper during bedtime, a cloth diaper will suffice. This method will require parents to be observant of baby's signals. You should know when your child is going to pee or poop.

3-Day Potty Training

With the lesser amount of time required to potty train your children, this method has become the most preferred and popular choice among parents. This method works best for children who are at least 22 months old.

It's a quick toilet training plan that prepares children who will be joining a new school anytime soon. However, it requires a dedicated schedule during the training period.

On the first day of training, diapers should be avoided and children are only allowed shirt and underwear. During this period, children are instructed to let parents know if they need to go to the bathroom. Expect unavoidable accidents during this period. As the process continues, parents should remain calm and patient.

Parent-Led Potty Training

This organised method sticks to a specific schedule. It might require multiple caregivers for the method to be easily implemented. If a child shows readiness to be potty trained, the technique can be employed anytime.

For many adults, this method is advantageous because it doesn't require a change of the family's schedule. However, the fact that children are not initiating bathroom visits require parents to pay attention to cues. The method can be done by setting a schedule for children to visit the bathroom or follow time intervals.

Your baby's potty training success is your advocate

Don't expect immediate results because every child is different. Aussie Baby recommends these potty training products to help you get through the training process. 

To wrap things up

Potty training is a team effort. Both you and your child should be ready for the transition. The outcome of the process will depend on your parenting style, your child's personality, and other contributing daily life factors.

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