The Benefits of a Stroller Tricycle: Why Every Parent Needs One

The Benefits of a Stroller Tricycle: Why Every Parent Needs One - Aussie Baby

A stroller tricycle is ideal for toddlers because it allows them to expend their energy in a good way. With our little ones always finding a way to stay active, it's nice to have something to keep them entertained and occupied. So before we explore some stroller tricycle options, let's first define what a stroller tricycle is. 

What is a stroller tricycle?

Purchasing a new set of wheels for our little ones can be an exciting activity as we get to choose from a plethora of options. However, the selection process can get confusing if we don't know the stroller tricycle to choose. A stroller tricycle or also referred to as trike has three different types: standard three-wheeler, big-wheel tricycles and push trikes.

There are also tricycle stroller folding options to consider.
While each type has its own benefits, the type of trike you choose will depend on your needs.

If your toddler can reach the pedal and has some excellent balance skills, then a standard three-wheeler is what you need.

A big-wheel tricycle, on the other hand, is a great option for new riders. This type of tricycles allows toddlers to climb in and out without needing any assistance.

And finally, the push trikes. This type is ideal for toddlers who are just learning how to ride because it has a handle for parents to move the trike if the child gets tired.

The benefits of a stroller tricycle

Once your toddler is ready to dip their toes in a new adventure, buying a stroller tricycle won't be problem. The benefits that trikes provide are not only limited to the physical aspect. Trikes also have social and psychophysical benefits:

  • Kids will learn to establish relationship with other children and learn the concept of sharing
  • Develop and improve motor skills
  • Develop balance and coordination skills
  • Recognise toddler's abilities
  • Develop a sense of direction
  • Appreciate the sense of independence and autonomy from parents
  • Enjoy healthy muscular, respiratory and cardiovascular systems

Our top 3 picks

  1. Reverse Seat Kids Baby Toddler Tricycle with Parent Handle

This trike is ideal for beginners because it comes with a parent handle. Parents can ensure comfort and safety, thanks to the trike's padded seat and safety bar.


It's great for ideal ride because of its standard features which include a removal canopy, foot rest, adjustable parental handle, openable safety bar, back storage basket, removable safety harness and many more.


Your toddler can enjoy using this trike for many years to come because it's made with supreme quality materials. With alloy frame and strong and quality wheels, you can be sure that you'll get great value for money with this trike.


2. Deluxe Kids Tricycle with Sun Canopy & Parent Handle

Parents will have greater peace of mind as toddler start to explore their independence with this premium quality trike. It's safe to use and it comes with lockable wheels with red brakes.

It also has a multi adjustable push handle that can control the trike's movement. Toddlers can use the trike for as long as they like with its strong and quality wheels, stable finish and good PVC handle.


3. Kids Tandem Tricycle Double Seats Ride-On Trike With Parent Handle

Aussie Baby considers safety a top priority. This is why we make sure that our trikes have complied with Australia Standard for Pram & Stroller. It has an adjustable steering parent handle, removable cup holder, removable shade canopy and high-back seat. Its footrests are also foldable.

This is the ideal trike for kids age 18 months and above. The tandem tricycle is great for twins with its face-to-face seating positions.


If your toddler is ready to roll, visit Aussie Baby and explore our stroller tricycle today. We have the best stroller tricycle so your toddlers can have a wonderful exploration. 

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