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正哲 礦鹽蘇打餅 養生多穀口味 Soda Cracker Original Mix Cereal Flavour

by 正哲
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Soda Cracker Original Mix Cereal Flavour

正哲 礦鹽蘇打餅 養生多穀口味

ZHeng Zhe Rock salt Soda Cracker:
Fermented with yeast naturally. We added buckwheat, flax se7.ed, sesame and kelp for your good health. In addition, there are no artificial colouring and preservatives in this delightful and balanced baking recipe. it is a perfect and tasty snack with tea or coffee for your family. You can simply grab some on your way out, or keep one pack in the car or on your desk, for easy snacking. Enjoy it throughout the day and have good health.

NET: 380g
6 packs