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6 Packs - 100 Colour Plastic Soft Play Balls - Package Deal


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SKU: TH614A_PK6 | Shipping Weight: 7.0 kg
Multi-Colours Soft Plastic Self-Reshaping Play Balls. These play balls are bright and colourful, soft and durable.

Product Features --
Total 600 Multi-Colours Soft Self-Reshaping Plastic Play Balls
Soft, durable plastic construction
Ball dimensions: 7cm diameter
Develop kids motor-skills and coordination
Perfect for playpens, ball pits, pool and more
Ideal for indoor and outdoor play
Safety tested and complied according to CE standard
Material: Polyurethane
Made in Taiwan
Volume of 100 soft balls is approx 0.03m³

* Colours of the balls are randomly packed.