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Baby Ace SegBoard BD003U Buggy Pram Stroller Standing Board


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SKU: BD003U | Shipping Weight: 3.0 kg
Baby Ace Segboard stroller board is designed for strolls and prams with parallel and vertical tubes on the rear.

Product Features --
Standing board for kids
Real working suspension
Adjustable lock belt easy to remove
Locked belt set in adjustable from 0~180°.
When the board were folding, it can hanging on the stroller handle bar
No adaptors needed
Suitable for use on strollers with parallel and vertical tubes on the rear
Suitable for child from 2 to 5 years
Maximum Weight limit : 20 kgs (44 lbs)
Product Size: W460 x D450 x H220(mm)
Product Weight:2.5(kg)