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Chicco Perfect 5 Silicone Bottle Slow Flow (Beige) - 150mL

by Chicco
SKU CC-121353
Barcode 8058664121953

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The Biofunctional bottle that intuits and adapts to the sucking rhythm of each baby at each feeding. Slow flow

The demand for feedings and the rhythm and intensity of sucking are unique to each baby and vary even every day. That is why each take is unique.

The Chicco Perfect5 Biofunctional anti-colic bottle works by adapting to the baby's biological rhythm.

This anti-colic bottle adapts to the baby's natural sucking rhythm, avoiding air intake and reducing colic.
In this way, it facilitates a constant and regular intake, without interruptions or drowning.
Prevents air intake, reducing irritability and regurgitation.
Ensures the well-being of the baby during and after each feeding.
Contains a membrane at the base of the bottle that prevents the incoming air from mixing with the milk.
The Physio teat has a symmetrical and flat shape that favors the correct grip and movement of the tongue. - - Made of extra soft silicone.
Slow flow indicated for babies from the first day of life.
It also guarantees maximum hygiene, since the base can be unscrewed so that cleaning all parts of the bottle is easy and fast.
BPA Free

Brand - Chicco
Colour - Beige
SKU / MPN - 121353
Size - 150mL
Age - All