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Ideal for babies from 4 months, this 110ml refillable silicone pouch is perfect for purees, yoghurts, and more. Its wide opening ensures mess-free filling, while the ergonomic design fits little hands for easy sipping from the angled spout. With a secure lid to prevent leaks and a hygienic attached cap, it’s perfect for on-the-go feeding. Dishwasher, microwave, and steriliser safe, this BPA-free pouch is a must-have for convenient and safe baby feeding.

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Brand: B.BOX
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Barcode: 9353965010388
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Prepare fresh baby and toddler food at home and take it on the go with our lullaby blue coloured, reusable fill + feed! Our latest innovation in child feeding lets folks easily fill a clear silicone food pouch from a wide opening for less mess. Then close the lid and get ready to feed!

Ergonomically shaped for little hands to easily hold and squeeze, then intuitively suck and sip from the angled spout tip. Or pair it with a silicone spoon for those early days of parent-led feeding. Ideal for mushy fruit or veg purees, yoghurt, custard and more.

The attached contrasting cap won’t get lost and keeps the spout squeaky clean when out and about. Plus it seals closed and won’t leak in baby bags or prams.

Completely disassembles for thorough cleaning. Dishwasher and steriliser safe. Say goodbye to messy, hard to use squeezy pouches and packaged baby foods, and hello to fuss-free fresh food on the go!


  • Ideal for baby weaning and feeding from 4 months 
  • Refillable, reusable with home prepared purees, yoghurts, custard and more
  • Wide opening lets folks easily fill the silicone pouch, less mess. Lid clicks closed to contain food
  • Ergonomically shaped for little hands to hold and squeeze
  • Kids intuitively sip from the angled spout tip. Grown-ups can lend a hand, or squeeze and serve with a silicone spoon for those early days of feeding
  • Attached cap seals closed so it won’t leak on-the-go and keeps spout tip clean and hygienic
  • Use with b.box fill + freeze, pop frozen, thawed or warmed portions direct into the fill + feed pouch
  • Dishwasher (top rack) and steriliser safe for easy cleaning, ready to reuse
  • Microwave safe (lid open) to warm and serve
  • 110ml pouch capacity
  • BPA Free

Care Instructions:

  • Separate parts for thorough cleaning.
  • Dishwasher (top rack) and steriliser safe (silicone pouch/cap up to 200˚celcius and PP lid up to 100˚celcius). Always sterilise in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Microwave safe, please ensure lid is open when heating contents. Heat in intervals of 30 seconds and stir thoroughly. Test food temperature before serving.

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