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Baby Ace Stroller Pram Universal Cup Holder

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Universal Fit Deluxe Bottle/Coffee Holder - Black

Keep beverages from spilling while on the go with this sturdy cup holder.

Attaches to Buggy frame or handle bar and allows you to adjust for the best position. Deluxe model has quick release button so you can remove drink holder quickly and easily from your pram when not needed or if you need to clean any spills.

This cup holder not only fits on to most strollers, but walkers, wheelchairs and golf carts too. It accommodates just about any size drink container and is a great option for any lifestyle.

Product Features --

Great for strollers, prams, bikes, walkers, scooters, wheelchairs and golf carts
Accommodates many different containers sizes
Max weight capacity - 0.7kgs
Recommend size - diameter of the cup between 5.5cm to 7.2cm
Material: Nylon / Polypropylene