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Chicco Microwave Natural Maxi Steriliser

by Chicco

SKU: 00-1449 | Shipping Weight: 3.0 kg
Compact and easy to use, the sterilizer is suitable for most microwave ovens.

Chiccos microwave sterilizer effectively disinfects bottles, nipples, pacifiers and other feeding items in five minutes. It naturally eliminates household bacteria harmful to a babys undeveloped immune system.

- The power of steam quickly and naturally sanitizes bottles, pacifiers, teethers and more.
- Uses tap water- NO Chemicals.
- Sanitizes up to 4 wide mouth or 5 regular bottles and parts (nipples and rings).
- Kills up to 99.9% of harmful household germs.
- Keeps objects sanitized for 24 hours if the cover remains unopened.
- Fits in most microwave ovens.