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Sansai Automatic LED Nightlight - White

by Sansai

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SKU: DB-793 | Shipping Weight: 1.0 kg
This sensor-activated LED nightlight is perfect for indoor use. No more stumbling through the darkness! This compact light provides reassurance with a soft glow that's perfect for lighting stairways, hallways, children's bedrooms and more, plugging into any wall socket for convenient use.

Product Features:
Sansai lighting
Style: Automatic LED Nightlight | DB-793
Design: Sensor
Materials: Plastic
Colour: White
Dimensions (approx. cm): 11 x 4.5 x 3 (H x W x D)
Lumens: N/A
Power: 0.2W
Voltage: 220~240V ac / 50Hz
Plug powered (fits in any wall socket)
Built-in motion sensor
Perfect for dark rooms, stairways, hallways, etc.
Provides a soft light for children's bedrooms without disturbing them
Automatic light sensor turns night light on at dusk and off at dawn
Indoor use only